What does it cost in total to put power brakes on my Mustang?

The instructions and plans with a new pin costs $15.00   A piece of steel to make the bracket costs about $5.00   A used booster costs $40.00 at salvage yards   You build it - the labor is free, and you can have power brakes for $60.00   OR have me modify your parts for $120.00 and it will cost you $160.00 TOTAL if you get a used booster.  I recommend a rebuilt booster rather than taking a chance on a used one, unless you know the condition of the used one.

Will it fit my 4 wheel disc brakes?
The kit fits ANY TYPE or combination of drum or disc brakes,  The instructions specify what master cylinder to use.

What about Falcon and Ranchero?

Yes, with a bit of extra work it can be made to fit other applications, although not quite as easily as the 65-66.
60-63 Falcon must use original style master cylinder due to shock towers.
67-70 Mustang / Cougar - use the 67-70 Mustang/Cougar booster and pedal now offered by MustangSteve.

Will the tandem master cylinder clear the shock tower?   What about clearing an export brace?
Yes, it clears the tower by about 2 inches, and is not even close to the export brace.  (except on early Falcons and Comets, where the single piston master fits easily, but the dual piston requires a dent in the shock tower.)

Will it fit a 351W with Heddman headers?
Yes, it clears with no problems whatsoever.

Why will it not fit my car with original manual transmission?
The clutch actuation rod comes through the firewall in the exact spot where one of the booster studs must attach.  If you are using a T5 or Tremec tranny with a MustangSteve cable actuated clutch, it will work fine.   Click HERE for a superb retrofit cable clutch setu
This conversion fits 1965-66 Mustangs with automatic transmissions
(will fit standard if you have cable or hydraulic clutch only) 
with one kit to fit 67-70 Mustangs & Cougars
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Features found ONLY on the MustangSteve POWER BRAKE CONVERSION

Revised Pedal RatioLess pedal travel required & modern car "feel",  (~ 2" travel w/ ft. disc, ~ 1" w/ 4 wheel discs)

Additional Firewall BracingWelds to pedal support, eliminates firewall fatigue cracking around the booster mount area.

9" Diameter Booster
won't fade out under repeated stops like other conversions using off-brand or imported booster.

Factory Fit and AppearanceFits better than the original 65-66 booster and works better, too. 

Dual piston master cylinders fit with no clearance problems!  -  Original 65-66 boosters won't clear, but this kit will!
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MustangSteve Booster Shown with 65-66 Mustang Manual Transmission Pedals, Cable Clutch Conversion, optional 70 Mustang 1" Disc Brake Master Cylinder
The power brake conversion bracket (65-66 Only) is a 10 ga. steel bracket that is welded to the front of the pedal support bracket (under the dash).  It provides the support and correct bolt pattern for the power booster.  The pedal support assembly then bolts back in to its original location, with 2 additional holes required in the firewall plus enlargement of the original center hole where the master cylinder fits.  It provides a very nice, neat, factory looking booster installation that can mount a dual piston master cylinder (The detailed instructions specify the correct one) or you can use the original Mustang master cylinder
The pedal pin (65-66 Only) where the original master cylinder hooked up to the brake pedal must be replaced with a new design pin in a new location on the pedal and welded into the pedal arm.  This weld must be done by a competent welder!  The new design pin, having a flange added on the pin side of the pedal, allows the new pin to be welded from both sides of the pedal arm, which makes it virtually indestructible, and stronger than the original Ford part.

The original pedal-mounted brake light switch is utilized.  Pedal height is slightly lowered, like a factory power brake car would have.  (Remember, it takes less travel to actuate the power brakes due to the revised pedal ratio, and the lower pedal makes for a more comfortable driving position).  Two metal brake lines must be fabricated to reach from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve or to tie into the existing lines
                POWER BRAKE KITS

Part #  
PB - 1
65-66  KIT PLANS including NEW PEDAL PIN  -  $15.00 (add $5.00 shipping)
Order just the plans and redesigned pedal pin 
Includes CAD drawings for the required bracket and the location for the relocated pedal pin as well as the description and part number of the Ford booster you will need.  Also has several pages of detailed instructions and a list of the correct master cylinders to use depending on what type of brakes you have on your car.  Contains diagrams for connecting dual piston master cylinders and factory type proportioning valves.  Very detailed instructions so you can do it all yourself.  The redesigned pin makes it much easier and safer to modify the pin location in the pedal, so it is automatically included with the plans to ensure a safe installation.  (Need not remove old pin when installing new one)

Part #   PB - 2
65-66  DO-IT-YOURSELF PARTS KIT  -  $36.00 (add $5.00 shipping)
(add $135 for Booster) 
(shipping is $16.00 total for Option 2 with booster).
Includes a new redesigned pedal pin and the firewall bracket plus the plans

Part #   PB - 3
65-66  MODIFICATION SERVICE -  $120.00  
(add $20.00 shipping)
Ship your pedal and pedal support bracket and both will be modified and returned, ready to bolt into your Mustang.
This service includes installation of new redesigned pedal pin, firewall support bracket, and a set of plans.  This is an especially good deal since I have custom jigs for drilling the pedal and lots of experience building the power brake conversions
Print order form and include with pedals, shipped to address on the form.

Part # 
PB - 4
65-66  BOLT-IN-KIT - $199.00   
(add $20.00 shipping)
Includes a modified pedal, a modified pedal hanger assembly ready to bolt in plus the plans so you can keep your originals. Built with brand new or used pedal support, (depending on availability),  modified with the power brake firewall bracket.  Pedal will be either a reworked original or new one as available.
Built to order.  Allow up to 1 week for shipping.

Part # 
PB - 5
65-66  BOLT-IN-KIT
WITH BOOSTER  -  $319.00     (add $26.00 shipping)
Includes modified pedal, modified hanger assembly and plans with a rebuilt booster.  Built to order.  Allow up to 1 week for shipping.

Part # 
PB - 6.1 (Iron) or PB - 6.2 (Aluminum) 6

Iron Disc/Drum or Disc.Disc 1.0" bore  $75.00 
(Similar to 70 Mustang original)    
Aluminum Disc/Disc 1.0" bore   $120
(2000 Mustang V6)
Use your existing master cylinder or upgrade to a DUAL PISTON, Brand New one (add $10.50 for shipping)  Shipping is only $5 extra if ordered with other parts

Part # 
65-66  BOOSTER
(if not purchased with kit)   $ 135.00 (add $15.00 shipping)
Vacuum  Brake Booster with lifetime warranty.

Part #  PV - 70  

Reproduction of 70 Mustang valve, fits all years
Works with disc/disc or disc/drum 
$ 90.00 (add $5.00 for shipping) 
FREE SHIPPING if purchased with ANY of the kits above.
Brand new, latest version.

Part # PB - 6770    NEW !!!  FITS 67-70 Mustang & COUGAR
67-70  BOLT-IN-KIT WITH BOOSTER   $300.00 (add $21.00 shipping)
Includes rebuilt BENDIX Booster and a new POWER BRAKE PEDAL
Fits automatic or standard transmission (specify which one when ordering)

Part # Bushing-CS   
FLANGED PEDAL SHAFT BUSHING   $2.50 ea. (add $5.50 shipping for one or up to 20)
Fits brake pedal and clutch pedal pivot shaft

Part # Bushing-MC   
  $3.00 ea. (add $5.50 shipping for one or up to 20)
Fits brake pedal pin where master cylinder rod connects.  Also fits power brake booster connection
Booster and Tandem Master Cylinder in 65 Mustang
Click for larger image
ALL shipping is by USPS Priority Mail
Part # CK-165-M  
Due to the many options here, feel free to email steve@mustangsteve.com for more details or questions
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