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Here are some shots of my 65 coupe engine compartment
showing the bigger radiator installation.  I used a 1969 4 row -
high efficiency core radiator and the 69 fan shroud with a clutch
fan and an 8 blade flex fan.  It never gets hot, even in 100
degree weather, in traffic, with the a/c on!.  It pretty much bolted
right in...with a few mods.
First, I cut 1-1/2" from each side of the hole in the core support.  
(You don't HAVE to CUT - it will fit but the outer two rows of core
will be blocked)   Then spaced the radiator up off the frame with
1/4" wood spacer (will be removed after bolted in)  Then drilled
new holes for the 4 bolts holding the radiator in the car.  They
worked out to be exactly even with the existing holes that were
removed when the core support was trimmed.  I "percussion
engineered" the core support a bit to move the mounting flange
forward about 1/4" to allow for the radiator's extra thickness.  
The fan shroud bolts directly to the radiator, after drilling 4
holes.  If you use a 3 row radiator, the holes are already there.  
Then the clutch fan and new clutch were bolted on.  Now I have
a 4 row, 20" wide radiator in place of the old 17" wide 3 row job.  
And I now have a fan shroud that actually works.  My fan is a
17-1/2" 8 blade type, but I think an 18" would work even better.
I had to make some new brackets for the A/C condenser as it had to be pushed forward
about 1/2" and the original mounting holes were no longer in the core support.  I also used
a 70 model battery tray and fender apron to reposition the battery 90 degrees.  This is not
absolutely necessary if you trim the hold down clamp flange off the original 65-66 battery
tray.  Mine does have more room, thoug
Here I am at the August, 2000 Ft. Worth, Texas YELLOW ROSE CLASSIC all Ford car show,
sponsored by the North Texas Mustang Club.
Why I bother with shows, I don't know - my car is NOT a show car and the guys with the cheap
chrome valve covers always score more I refuse to polish my lug nuts.
20" , 4-ROW CORE RADIATOR in a
65 Mustang
What the
heck... They
were worn
1/64" anyway...
My FIRST AND LAST indoor car show
MustangSteve's FIRST CAR!
Probably the first car I actually BUILT..
At a very early age I discovered WRENCHES and a street
nearby that had a huge HILL for testing our brakeless coaster
wagons.  How we ever survived that busy cross street at the
bottom of that hill, I will never figure out.
Maybe that is why I am so heavy into disc brakes NOW...
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