This page will show the restoration of my 1966 F-100 Pickup.

Like the truck, this page is under construction...
First goal was to remove this twin-I-beam front
suspension.  They are tough as nails but are not
very good at cornering or going straight down the
road.  NO disc brakes and NO sway bar and NO
rack & pinion.

This contraption looks like it came off something a
horse would be pulling...
The frame crossmember was removed to make
way for the new front end assembly.

The truck will receive a complete crossmember
from a 2003 Crown Vic police car.
There are only 17 holes in each frame rail where
the old crossmember came out.  Luckily things are
symmetrical and it was easy to maintain the location
of the centerline of the front axle in relation to the
frame.  The two holes close together are equally
spaced from the centerline.
The Crown Vic frame rails are the same width as
the 66 F-100 truck!  The crossmember bolts on
with 4 bolts and then some brackets must be
fashioned for the lower control arm rear bushings.  
This was the first mock-up to see how things would

Crossmember with rack is from 2003 or newer
Crown Vic or Town Car or Mercury Marquis.
The crossmember has aligment pins right on the
axle centerline, exactly 31.5" center to center.  
Holes were drilled into the frame so the pins could
fit in.  Then 3/4" schedule 40 pipe was used for
vertical members to keep the 5/8" bolts from
crushing the frame when tightened.  A stack of four
washers under the upper mounts made it fit the
truck frame perfectly.
Sway bar will be bolted to the bottom of the frame.
The steering linkage from the CV is almost perfect
to mate up to the Ford van tilt column I will be

With the 2003 Mustang 17x8 wheels (5.72"
backspacing) installed, the track width to the
outside of the tire is exactly the same as the track
width of the original front end with a 15x7 wheel,
when the bulge of the tire is included.  17" tires
have almost no sidewall bulge, so this will be a
perfect fit.

I will be installing a rear end from a 1981 F-100
pickup truck.  The 81 F-100 has a CAR bolt
pattern to match the Crwon Vic's 5 on 4.5"
pattern.  It is alot wider than the stock 66 rear axle,
but with late model 17x9" wheels the track is
exactly the same width as the front wheels.  It all
clears the quarter panels by 1".
More to come. Stay tuned...
The following pics added 6-3-2011.