Owners and Cars...
2005 Mustang  16 x 7 wheel with 225x55-16 tires on 66 Mustang
MustangSteve's FIRST CAR!
Probably the first car I actually BUILT..
At a very early age I discovered WRENCHES and a street
nearby that had a huge HILL for testing our brakeless coaster
wagons.  How we ever survived that busy cross street at the
bottom of that hill, I will never figure out.
Maybe that is why I am so heavy into disc brakes NOW...
MustangSteve's 66 fastback with 17x8 2004 Mustang wheels 235x45 front, 245x45 rear
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Deborah Jackson Rebuilding Control Arms and Learning to Weld.
1.   MS example weld
2.   Deb's first ever weld
3.   Deb's second weld (not bad!)
1.         3.            2.
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Restored his
dad's 66
Mustang project
after his father
passed away in
(completed in 06)
MustangSteve's 66
The wheels keep
changing on this car.
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At left is an example of how one
owner modified the MustangSteve
cable clutch quadrant to work on his
70 Mustang
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Wheels fit better now that they are narrowed to 17x7 and no spacer used
17x7 with same 235x45/17 tire NO RUBBING WHATSOEVER
Skip Laney's master cylinder and power brakes with cable clutch  (during installation)
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Aftermath of a teenage Honda driver on a cell phone. She never even saw me as she
turned left in front of me.
Malcolm Parker's 63 Comet
Explorer V8, Five speed, Heidt's front
Cara's doors for the 65 coupe
With the help of the
our newest Rookie
Ramses, works hard to
paint his first Mustang.
Experience is gotten by
DOING, folks!
I can't wait to see the
final spray..
RAMSES!!!  We want you
to live to finish this thing!!!
Mark Richardson's 65 coupe
He got it in 1967!!!
Now it has a 408W with C-4
automatic and 3.50:1 rear gears
BAD for
a first
Way to
I'll expect
to see
you at the
next year.
Some new stuff from
Above:  Adapters to install
2005-2010 Mustang wheel
center caps on 94-04 Mustang
Below:  Cast aluminum chromed
gauge cluster for 65-66 Mustang
with Pony Interior - it matches
the stock look.
6sally6 shows how to trim out a
Mustang's engine bay.

Check out the coil cover...COOL!
JerseyJoe's new headliner installation