Mustang & Cougar Door Hinge Repair
That Will Last A Lifetime
For 68-73 Mustangs & Cougars
68-73 Mustang & Cougar Door Hinge Products

Hinge Rebuild Service with zerks -  $200.00 For set of four. $14 Shipping back to you
All 4 hinges will be rebuilt as per the  drawing below.  (
Individual hinges $55 ea. $14 return shipping)
Guaranteed to never wear out or I will rebuild them for free!
NOTE : BEADBLASTING is optional at cost of $50 per set of 4 hinges.  This will add up to two weeks turn-around time.  It is best, if you want them blasted, to have it done before sending them to me.  You
can disassemble the hinge pins if you want to get a cleaner job.  I will take care of the reassembly.  Allow two weeks for the hinges to be rebuilt unless an alternate schedule has been arranged.

A USPS Medium Flat Rate Box is an inexpensive way to ship four hinges to me for rebuild.  Pack them tightly so they do not poke through the box.  
Print out my
ORDER FORM for address and payment information.  Include order form with your hinges.

Complete Sets of Four Rebuilt Hinges    $325.00  $14 Shipping
Rebuilt with the zerk fitting rebuild kits
Part #
Hingeset - 68   Fits 67-68 Mustang & Cougar (stamped steel 68 hinges are used)
Part #
Hingeset - 69   Fits 69-70 Mustng & Cougar
Part #
Hingeset - 71   Fits 71-73 Mustang & Cougar

Hinge set availability is very limited based on core availability.  
Please email or call before ordering a complete set.
Allow up to two weeks once order is placed.

Do-It-Yourself Rebuild Kit   -  $70.00   $8 Shipping
4 machined hinge pins
4 machined steel tubes
8 oil impregnated bushings
4 stainless steel washers
4 zerk fittings
Detailed instructions
Part #
Hingekit - 68 Fits 68 Mustang & Cougar
(will fit 67 if stamped steel 68 hinges are used)
Part #
Hingekit - 69   Fits 69-70 Mustng & Cougar
Part #
Hingekit - 71 Fits 71-73 Mustang & Cougar

Hinge Bushings -  $2.50 ea.
If you want to do the rebuild yourself and can't find the bushings to do it, you can order them here.
Shipping cost is $8 for just one bushing,  or for 10 sets

Contact MustangSteve if you have any questions.

order form to send with your hinges for rebuilding.
Here is the secret to how to get grease into the hinges.  With the steel tube welded in place, a void surrounds the hinge pin between the two bushings.  All you have to
do is drill a hole through the hinge pin so the grease can get to the center of the pin.  Note the small hole in the side of the hinge pin.  That is where the grease gets
into the void.  Applying additional pressure on the grease with the grease gun's pump action forces the grease out into the bushings.  There is no other way to grease
a hinge bushing and actually get the grease inside the bushing where it will do some good.
Oil impregnated bushings
Custom machined hinge pin
Zerk fitting
Grease communication hole
Threaded hole for zerk
Oil impregnated bushings allow their own lubrication for a while, but the oil eventually dries out.  This design will allow the hinges to be greased
repeatedly, plus the 100% encapsulated bushing outside diameter keeps the steel part of the hinge from wearing through the bushing form the
outside.  That is where the factory design hinges always fail first.
Theses hinges are guaranteed to never wear out or I will rebuild them for free!

Just send an email and tell me your zip
code and what you want to purchase.  I will
send a paypal invoice so you just click on
PAY.  You can pay with a paypal account or
with credit card even if you have no paypal

I prefer to discuss hinge orders before an
order is placed to be sure you are getting
exactly what you need. Just email
View of 1/2" ID tubing and
hinge body drilled to 1/2"
Updated April 9, 2015
Free shipping applies to USA orders only.
Inquire for international orders
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Also visit my FAQ Page for information on how
to rebuild late model Fox  Mustang door
1. Click on and open orderform.
2. Print out the orderform
3. Fill it out with appropriate information.
4. Enter appropriate amount.  Texas orders
must add 8.25% sales tax.
5. Send orderform and money order to
address provided on the form.

These instructions show how to rebuild
hinges using solid 3/8" diameter rod
without the zerks.  When rebuilding
without zerks, both ends of the rod get
welded.  With zerks, only the end
opposite the zerk gets welded.