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Polished Cobra CSX 4500
Carroll Shelby signing my dyno printout
GT500E typically has all TCP suspension
If you recently ordered a GT500E, take a
look at the raw material being used for
YOUR CAR.  I guess they haven't got
around to replacing THAT part yet.
(Notice the Swiss Cheese floors)
My 66 at the GT500E Show
The line to get Carroll's autograph was over 200 people long!
He kept signing, and shook everyone's hand.  He's 80 now.
Finished GT500E
Show casualty...
Daze Cars - This is one high energy guy with some neat ideas for
Mustangs and Galaxies... Want a Jag IRS for your classic Mustang?
DazeCars, performance parts and free Mustang and Galaxie tech articles
dedicated to those with the "Do It Yourself" spirit.  Source for: Roller spring
perches, T5 Hydraulic Clutch Brackets, DIY Roller Spring Perch Master kits, Steel
UCA Drop Templates, 17/32" Drill Bits for UCA Drop, and much much more!!

Be sure to check out Daze's GALAXIE related Q&A Forum for great info and ideas.
As you can surmise, I am pretty selective on the links that I post on my site.
This is the site that helped me get my business up and running.
Thanks, Tom
THe following are some misc pics I took at Unique Performance In Farmer's Branch, TX.  Carroll Shelby was there, and
I had my 66 in the show.
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My car made the Mustang Monthly centerfold in June of 2007. Here is their online
version of that article. (Someone mistyped some of their numbers in the article,
so there are a few technical mistakes)