Power WIndows In A 65-66 Mustang

Last Updated March 24, 2004
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This is all that shows...
Chrysler Cordobas were good for SOMETHING...
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Power Lock from 90 Mustang with
home made sheetmetal bracket
welded to lock button rod
bracket is welded
to the rod,
centered 7" from
top of rod (where
the plastic knob
threads on)
Bolt the 90 Mustang
lock motor bracket to
1/2 of a hardware store
hinge.  Use a short 1/4"
bolt, and peen the bolt
down so it can't come
Lock rod, motor with
bracket and the hinge
part, ready to be bolted
into the door.
View shows the
Sheetmetal bracket
welded to the lock
Install the lock motor.

Start by installing the lock rod onto the motor shaft, and
then reinstall the lock rod back in it's original position.

Drill one hole behind the door panel, about 2" below the
existing door panel attaching hole. Head of carriage bolt
shows in the picture.  I used a carriage bolt so the door
panel would not be pushed outward when installed. Bolt
the hinge to that hole loosely, using one of the
pre-punched holes in the hinge.

Angle the hinge part up or down as required so the motor is
at mid-stroke right when the lock rod is at mid-stroke.  Mark
and drill the second hole (on the left in this picture) to
maintain that position. That is all there is to installing the
lock motor.

Once I got it all in place, I put a good gob of black RTV all
around where the lock motor shaft goes through the
sheetmetal bracket hole.  This will keep it from rattling.
Passenger side lock motor shown inside the door.
Driver side lock motor shown inside the door.

I had welded the hinge in place, instead of the second bolt,
when I did the driver side door first.  Big mistake - had to take
it apart to re-angle the hinge to get the stroke of the motor
and rod centered.  Now it is BOLTED, not welded.
Stick a Phillips screwdriver through this hole in the door
to hold the window UP while you install the electric
window motor.
A-1 Electric Power Window Kit installed in the door.  Three
nuts shown hold the whole thing in.  This is so easy to bolt
in that I am not even going to bother showing how it is
done.  Just pull the regulator and bolt in the motor assembly.