24" , 3-ROW CORE RADIATOR in a
65-66 Mustang
Battery tray is modified using the brace from
under the 65-66 tray and the top shelf part
from a 67-70 tray.  This will allow the wider
radiator to fit and also allows use of the
superior 67-70 battery clamping system.  
You can use the long studs on both sides of
the battery or do as I did and use a bolt into
the radiator core support for the front side.  
That is a simple flat peice of steel across the
top.  I used some thin rubber under the steel
so it could not slide.
The Proxima battery with rounded corners is
much easier to install.  Square batteries
require the radiator top clamp to be
loosened and the radiator slid to the side a
bit in order to get the battery in the tray.  
Hoses need not be disconnected.
Small dent in corner of
fender apron lets the
battery tray fit tighter.
65-66 Mustang tray
67-70 Mustang battery
allows for shorter tray plus
has integral j-hook
receptacles for improved
hold-down clamps.
Weld the two pieces
together as shown.
This shows where to cut the core support.  This is best done
with a nibbler but just about anything that cuts will work.
You can see from this picture why the shorter battery tray is needed