Road Trip to Springfield
December 8-10, 2005
I have a friend named Doug.  He and I go to lunch together at work with a couple of other guys.  Doug used to have a 68
Mustang convertible when he was younger.  He has mentioned several times that he would like to get another one some
day.  Now that Doug is undergoing treatment for cancer, his wife decided a special surprise Christmas present might
cheer him up a bit.  The cancer treatments have been really tough on Doug, and he has a hard time even eating and
Through some mutual friends, Doug's wife, Lori, found out that I deal with Mustangs.  She contacted me asking for help
finding a 68 convertible to surprise Doug for Christmas.  She and I hunted locally and on ebay for the right car.  Nothing
came up available anywhere near close to home. (Doug and Lori live in Denton, TX)
Finally, Lori saw a new lisrting on ebay.  It was in Springfield, Illinois.  She thought it was a neat coincidence since Doug
wanted to give his old F-150 pickup to his brother that lived about 80 miles north of Springfield.  She thought it would be a
natural to take the truck up there, drop it off, and then drive the Mustang back.  Did I mention this is a 37 year-old car that I
have never even seen before?  How could I possibly pass up an opportunity like this?  Could I help retrieve the car?  
SURE!  And the rest of the story is outlined below.
So, first thing was to actually buy the car.  Lori asked me to place the ebay bid on the car, and I agreed to snipe the
auction.  Lori was watching the auction at its closing to see if I won.  She was getting very nervous since I did not
bid until there was only 20 seconds left in the auction.  It was a big gamble since the reserve had not yet been met,
and I did not want to drive the price up by putting in alot of bids to get to the reserve.  Well, luckily the bid I put in
met the reserve and no other bidders bid high enough.  WE WON!   Now for the problem of how to get the car

Since I am off Fridays, I figured I could leave Thursday afternoon and make a weekend trip to get the car.  Being a
Mustang experienced guy, I knew it was very risky to drive an old car 750 miles, in the middle of winter, across
places I had never even been before.  Letting my practical side overcome my exhuberant spirit of adventure, I
figured it would be better to trailer the car back.  But what do I pull it with?

I was able to talk my neighbor, Clint Bandfield, into loaning me his 2003 F-250 4x4 diesel pickup to make the trip.  I
then found Larry Edgmon at work and he agreed to loan me his car trailer.  This was coming together too good to
be true...  I could put the F-150 on the trailer and pull it up there and stick the Mustang on the trailer and come
back.  GOOD PLAN!  Then I figured that every road trip goes better with a NAVIGATOR.