Road Trip to Springfield
December 8-10, 2005
Pg. 2
OK, so we have a plan...

But wait...

This is supposed to be a surprise for Doug, so we can't let him suspect anything...  We must get the F-150 away from
him with a good cover story.  Remember, he wanted to get the truck to his brother in Illinois but can't go due to

Well, since Tim is going, we concocted a story that Tim is retired and his wife was out of town, and he had nothing
better to do, and he would like to go see the St. Louis arch at someone else's expense, so he agreed to drive the
truck up there and then Lori was going to pay for him to fly home.  Doug fell for it!  I think he was a bit concerned to
let a stranger take the truck as he made Lori MAIL the title up there instead of giving it to Tim...
As best laid plans go, this trip was planned out
down to the hour.  I had to get Doug's F-150,
drive it to work, pick up the car trailer, then get
the neighbor's truck and hook it all together and
head out.  Every step was planned.  We would
arrive in Springfield about 5:00 PM on Friday and
load the Mustang and head out.


Another friend of Doug and mine, Vern Blair, was
to take me to Denton to Doug's house to get the
truck the night before we were to leave.  But we
could not even get to the freeway because of too
much ice.  Even if we had, the freeway was
packed solid and not moving.  It would have
taken us 4 or 5 hours to get the truck, so we
decided to scrap that idea.
The only thing left to do was get the F-150 the
next day after the ice melted, and then drive it to
Illinois and drive the Mustang home.  Since Tim
was going along, we figured the two of us could
fix anything that could possibly come up with the
old car.
So, we go to Denton the next day after lunch,
give Doug the cover story, and take off for
Illinois in the F-150.  For an old truck (98, I think)
with over 150,000 miles, it sure ran like a new
one.  Plus, the heater worked great!  Handy since
it was below zero when we went across
Missouri.  We drove from Denton, TX to St Louis,
MO that day, arriving a little before midnight.  
Snow and ice was everywhere, but the roads
were crystal clear.
We managed to talk to the seller of the car by
cell phone and he informed us that they had just
gotten six inches of fresh snow.  Lovely!  I have
never been this far north before, nor this
freaking cold.
Here I am standing outside or motel in
St Louis as we arrived Thursday night.

What the heck is all this white stuff?  I
have NEVER seen snow like this before!
So, we settled in for the night, with plans to meet the
seller at 1:00PM on Friday.

We got up Friday morning, went for breakfast and then
headed on up to Springfield.

Picture below is of the snow covering everythng in

That is the red F-150 in the McDonald's parking lot.