Road Trip to Springfield
December 8-10, 2005
Pg. 3
Tim's GPS led us right to the driveway of
the seller's house.  The Mustang was out
front with the engine running.  WOW!  Nice

Pictured is the seller and his wife, with
MustangSteve on the right.  Couple were
really nice people, but I don't think they
knew alot about cars.
Not everybody does.
That is me during my assessment
of the car's roadworthiness...

Can you say..
and OH, $&!#
all in the same sentence?
Here is where we left
the F-150, right at the
seller's house.  Doug's
brother is scheduled to
come get it on Saturday.
My expert assessment:

Tires have less than 15 PSI
Radiator level low
Upper radiator hose leaking
Belts loose
Instrument lights don't work

Body in really nice condition
Paint real nice
Tires look good
Interior real nice
No major fluid leaks

Brake master cylinder rear reservoir DRY
Heater blower motor not working
Left quarter window won't roll up
Driver side window stops 1/2" from top.
It is 15 degrees outside