in a 65-66 Mustang
Updated August 18, 2002


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There is no reason to have to replace an entire taillight housing if the bulb socket or wire
connections are bad.  A $3.99 part from Pep Boys will allow you to replace the socket.  This new
socket also will allow you to be able to access the bulb for future replacement simply by
unsnapping the socket from the enlarged hole in the housing, making it possible to change bulbs
with no tools from inside the trunk.
This is the part to buy.  It even comes with the
Existing socket shown as viewed from inside
the trunk.  Use a cut off wheel and remove
the brass socket.
Existing socket shown as viewed from the light
fixture.  This socket must be removed
completely.  Once removed, enlarge the hole
so the new socket just tightly snaps in place.  
The new hole should be about 1" in diameter.  
It is suggested that you measure the actual
receptacle you buy to be sure you get the right
size hole.  I used a 3/8" diameter carbide bit in
my die grinder to carefully enlarge the hole.
This is the new socket shown from the rear.  
After snapping mine in place, I bent the six
tangs out tight against the housing to hold it
in place securely.  If you are careful and get
the hole size just right, the socket will snap
right in place and will not need the tangs bent
Here is the view of the new socket from the
trunk.  There are two wires to reconnect.  
Temporarily stick your existing wires into
the two new connectors and turn on the
car's headlights.  One of the bulb filaments
should light up.  Now, turn on the turn
signal.  If the turn signal appears brighter
than the running light, you have the wires
correct, so be sure they are properly
inserted and then crimp the fasteners.  If
the turn signal flasher is not as bright as
the running light, reverse the two wires and
recheck.  The turn signal should be brighter
than the running lights.

That is all there is to it.