Our philosophy on Classic Mustangs is that they can and should be improved for enhanced performance, driving enjoyment and safety. Our products utilize Ford components whenever practical for any part that could ever wear out, making it possible to find future replacements that will readily bolt in without modification. Check out this entire site, as we are constantly adding new stuff, especially inexpensive retrofit kits that can be added to your Mustang to make it drive more like a modern car.

The Team

Michael Morrow

Steve Wilkes

Owner/Manufacturing Specialist  

Michael Morrow has over 15 years of machining and manufacturing experience. He manages our entire manufacturing and Machining operation. His commitment to superior quality of all our products, guarantees you will receive only the best for your car. Michael has been apart of this business since it's founding. He is committed to it's success.  

Founder/Tech Specialist 

Steve Wilkes is the founder of MustangeSteve. He started this business over 20 years ago and is still intricately apart of the operation. His vast knowledge of Mustangs and desire to help every customer get the very most out there car is one of the main reasons he began this company so long ago. He is here to troubleshoot any problems and help with all your technical needs.