Power Brake Conversions

Features found ONLY on the MustangSteve Power Brake Conversions

Revised Pedal Ratio - Less pedal travel required & modern car "feel", (~ 2" travel w/ ft. disc, ~ 1" w/ 4 wheel discs) | Additional Firewall Bracing - Welds to pedal support furthermore it eliminates firewall fatigue cracking around the booster mount area | 9" Diameter Booster - Fox Mustang booster won't fade out under repeated stops, consequently like other conversions, using off-brand or imported booster. Plus, you can always get replacement parts in the future | Factory Fit and Appearance - Fits better than the original 65-66 booster and most noteworthy, it works better, too | Dual piston master cylinders fit with no clearance problems! - Original 65-66 boosters won't clear, but this kit will!

Retrofit Power Brake Conversions For 65-70 Mustang


Available Brake Kits:

PB-2, PB-3, PB-5, (This conversion fits 1965-66 Mustangs with automatic transmissions. These kits will fit standard if you have cable or hydraulic clutch only)

PB-6770-ATPB-6770-MT, (Kits to fit 67-70 Mustangs & Cougars Manual or Automatic)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it fit my 4 wheel disc brakes?
The kit fits ANY TYPE or combination of drum or disc brakes,  The instructions specify what master cylinder to use.  Also fits any original 65-73 master cylinder.

What about Falcon and Ranchero?
Yes, with a bit of extra work it can be made to fit other applications, although not quite as easily as the 65-66.  Extra work means an extra piece must be welded to the brake pedal in order to properly relocate the pedal pin.
60-63 Falcon must use original style master cylinder due to shock towers, or use Shelby style export brace with tandem master.
67-70 Mustang / Cougar - use the 67-70 Mustang/Cougar booster and pedal now offered by MustangSteve.

Will the tandem master cylinder clear the shock tower?   What about clearing an export brace?
Yes, it clears the tower by about 2 inches, and is not even close to the export brace.  (except on early Falcons and Comets, where the single piston master fits easily, but the dual piston requires use of Shelby style export brace.)

Will it fit a 351W with Heddman headers?
Yes, it clears with no problems whatsoever.  You may have to remove the header to get the booster in place, but clears fine once bolted in.

Why will it not fit my car with original manual transmission?
The clutch actuation rod comes through the firewall in the exact spot where one of the booster studs must attach.  If you are using a T5 or Tremec tranny with a MustangSteve cable actuated clutch, it will work fine.   Click HERE for a superb retrofit cable clutch setup.

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