Ball Bearing Clutch Pedal Conversion

Fits 64-1/2 to 73 Mustang, Falcon, Ranchero, Comet, Fairlane, All F-100 and F-150 and most other Fords using similar clutch pedal with 5/8″ shaft and a pedal support having parallel sides. (These will also fit Camaro, Malibu, and other GM Products).


  • The Ford clutch pedal is attached to the pedal shaft so the shaft turns in the plastic bushings every time you press the pedal. 
  • Years of use and stiff clutches cause excessive wear and usually destroy or distort the pot metal bushings retainers.
  • Over time, some bushings even wear into the steel pedal hanger housing.  
  • The plastic bushings also cause greater pedal effort.  
  • Worn out bushings or retainers cause uneven pedal travel and an “out of position” clutch pedal
  • Worn bushings can cause the brake pedal to not have correct geometry and make braking harder.
  • Replacement pedal support assemblies equipped with the same old plastic bushings cost $70 or more.



  • This kit will allow you to modify your clutch pedal and pedal support assembly so the shaft pivots on sealed ball bearings.   
  • It can also be used to repair hopelessly worn out pedal support assemblies.  
  • Even the worst case scenario can be repaired with this kit, and can be done for less than the price of a new pedal support assembly.
  • The bearings fit perfectly on the original pedal shaft.

To see a pictorial tutorial on how to do the installation click here

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my pedal hanger assembly is worn so badly that a replacement bushing could not be installed?

This kit will repair even the most badly worn hanger assemblies, even if the pot metal bushing is
completely gone.

Are the bearings replaceable?

Yes, just slide out the shaft and remove the bearings.  Bearings are readily available.  Replacement
is unlikely, though – these will last a long time…

What about ball bearings for automatic equipped cars for the brake pedal?

This kit will work for that application as well, but is not really necessary as the pedal will still have the
original plastic bushings fitting it to the shaft.  This is an inexpensive way to repair a damaged hanger
assembly, though.

Which is better?  Ballbearings or roller bearings?

The cheap roller bearing kits that others offer for this swap have no inner bearing race. They rely on the
shaft itself to act as the inner race.  The shaft is a softer material and not suitable, plus every shaft has
some damage or wear. Also, if the pedal support is worn even a small amount, the bearings will not fit
tight into the pedal support.
The MustangSteve sealed ballbearing setup has it’s own inner race and works fine even if the shaft has severe wear.