The 2020 BASH will be in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Dates and details of the 2020 Bash will be forthcoming.

BRING YOUR MUSTANG or other Ford !!!!  You can even come in your Hyundai if the Ford is undergoing surgery. (Just be sure to park ’round back)!

More details about the PRE-BASH and POST-BASH events can be found at FYI FORD FORUM

Get together a few of your local friends and plan a caravan of your own if you cannot link up with one of the others.  There is nothing more fun than driving a classic car across the country.  It's like a rolling car show.



What is it?

The BASH is an annual party held by MustangSteve to provide a way for Mustangers throughout the USA to get together, show off their cars, put a face with those screen names, eat plenty of free burgers or BBQ, hot dogs and soft drinks, and just generally have a good time.  The festivities usually start taking place on the Thursday night before the BASH and culminate with the BASH on Saturday.

The first one was held in Carrollton, TX in 2004.  Attending were about 80 people and a car display with about 18 cars.  In 2005, an equal number of people attended, with about 20 cars.  In 2006, a road trip was taken to Carrollton, GEORGIA, and we had about 80 people and 28 cars.  2007 was in Carrollton, TX and saw 89 people and over 43 cars!  2008 was in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  Wow, was that a great road trip and we ate more shrimp than we could stand.    2009 was in Illinois, and people converged on there from all over.  2010 was back to Texas at Cedar Hill State Park.  2011 saw a marathon caravan headed to Kalispell, Montana.  2012 saw alot of action in Tomball, TX. The 2016 Bash was held in the beautiful mountainside community of Montrose, Colorado!  Each year we see more people taking part.

We have had Mustangers come from all over to attend the event. They have come from as far as Canada, Tenessee, South Carolina,  Illinois, Washington state, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, and many other areas.  In 2004 and 2011, and 2012  we even had some come all the way from Sweden and Australia!  Everyone says it is the best Mustang event they have done and cannot wait for the next one.  Many new friendships result from this party.