65-66 Mustang / Cougar Power Brake Upgrade with All Wheel Disc Brakes


Power Brake Upgrade for a 1965/1966 Mustang or Cougar with All Wheel Disc Brakes

  • This power brake upgrade uses a Fox body booster with a 1″ bore master cylinder that’s specifically for an ALL WHEEL DISC brake car.
  • The kit does require you to modify the pedal support and stock brake pedal.
  • This kit can be used for manual (cars with clutch cable conversion) or automatic transmissions.
  • You will need to also purchase an adjustable proportioning valve since you have disc brakes.
  • The kit comes with instructions.
  • NOTE: 10 mm ISO metric bubble flare. Tubing is 3/16″ ; same as SAE tubing. Ports on engine side


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