Bushing for 67-69 Mustang Tie Rods using 70-73 Mustang & Cougar Spindles


Fits 67-69 Mustang, Cougar, Most Fairlanes Into 70-73 Mustang, Cougar Spindle


(Pricing is for TWO bushings)

Click Here for Installation Instructions

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NOTE:  If you purchased spindles that use a rotor that is 1″ thick or thicker, they are NOT Granada or Versailles spindles. Some of the LTD II and Cougar spindles circa 1975-79 look similar to Granada & Versailles spindles and they WILL NOT FIT any Mustang or Cougar from 1964-1/2 to 1973.
All Granada and Versailles rotors are 0.875″ thick, with minimum thickness of 0.810″

Part Numbers for Lincoln Versailles Spindles (1977-80)
Right: D7DY 3105A
Left: D7DY 3106A

Part Numbers for Granada / Monarch  Spindles (1975-80)
5D7AA  275
5D8AA  275

If you have spindles that have a part number starting with C6, they are typically 67-69 drum spindles and NOT 66 spindles as the Ford numbering system would normally indicate.


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