Welding Quadrant to Stock Clutch Pedal – MODIFICATION SERVICE


Labor – weld quadrant to customer’s clutch pedal (cost of quadrant not included)


Ship your pedal support, brake pedal, and clutch pedal to:
1123 Bales St.
Cleburne TX 76033

Fits 64-1/2 to 68 Mustangs.  Can also be installed in other Fords using similar clutch pedal.
Will NOT work in a 1967 Ranchero
Will NOT fit 69-70 Mustang due to cowl floor differences.

This kit will allow you to modify your clutch pedal to a later model type quadrant setup for use in installation of a cable operated clutch, especially useful when installing a late model T-5 or Tremec manual transmission.




Unlike any other aftermarket cable clutch conversion, this fully welded quadrant kit offers several advantages:

Welded construction will never come loose from constant use.

No underdesigned clevis or other small parts to wear out or break (cable attachment points)      Click pic for lg view of the “other guy’s” cable clutch setup after ONE YEAR of normal use…..

Pulls the cable with a constant radius, unlike the single lever type – keeps cable pulling straight from cable housing.

Transfers forces to the cable directly in line with the clutch pedal – no twisting motion to bend the arm.

A whole lot cheaper to install – the do-it-yourselfer can build it for the price of a quadrant  plus the cost of a new cable.

Fits with the MustangSteve POWER BRAKE BOOSTER conversion   (visit the Power Brake Conversion page)

Fits with MustangSteve BALL BEARING CLUTCH PEDAL SHAFT Conversion  (visit the Ball Bearing Clutch Pedal page)

Virtually eliminates clutch chatter caused by loose clutch actuation linkage.

YES, it takes a bit more effort to install this conversion, but you already know that the easiest stuff is seldom the best.
This setup requires you to remove the clutch pedal and pedal support for installation of the quadrant.
You need to take the pedal out to replace bushings and get rid of those big springs anyway when converting to cable operation.

You will be rewarded by years of trouble free service and simple cable replacement access should you ever need to replace the cable.

The MustangSteve CABLE CLUTCH CONVERSION will make your car feel like a modern car with a smoothly operatingclutch.

NOTE: Later model 10″ or 10-1/2″ diaphragm type clutch is required.
FORD RACING King Cobra works great.
(10-1/2″ clutch requires late model bolt pattern on flywheel).



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