Power Brake Conversion For a 65-66 Mustang


(add $159 for Booster) Includes a new redesigned PEDAL PIN and the FIREWALL BRACKET plus the PLANS.
This kit also works on 65-66 F-100 Ford Pickup with minor firewall modifications.
Uses Fox Mustang 4-cylinder booster or 80 Fairmont booster, or MustangSteve provided booster of the same design. That way you can always find a replacement booster in the future.
Use original FORD parts whenever possible, not those generic Chinese boosters that do not change the pedal ratio.

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Features found ONLY on the MustangSteve POWER BRAKE CONVERSION
Revised Pedal Ratio – Less pedal travel required & modern car “feel”, (~ 2″ travel w/ ft. disc, ~ 1″ w/ 4 wheel discs)
2. Additional Firewall Bracing – Welds to pedal support, eliminates firewall fatigue cracking around the booster mount area.
3. 9″ Diameter Booster – Fox Mustang booster won’t fade out under repeated stops like other conversions using off-brand or imported booster. Plus, you can always get replacement parts in the future.
4. Factory Fit and Appearance – Fits better than the original 65-66 booster and works better, too.
5. Dual piston master cylinders fit with no clearance problems! – Original 65-66 boosters won’t clear, but this kit will!



The power brake conversion bracket (65-66 Only) is a 10 ga. steel bracket that is welded to the front of the pedal support bracket (under the dash).  It provides the support and correct bolt pattern for the power booster.  The pedal support assembly then bolts back in to its original location, with 2 additional holes required in the firewall plus enlargement of the original center hole where the master cylinder fits.  It provides a very nice, neat, factory looking booster installation, tight against the firewall, that can mount a dual piston master cylinder or you can use the original Mustang master cylinder

The pedal pin (65-66 Only) where the original master cylinder hooked up to the brake pedal must be replaced with a new design pin in a new location on the pedal and welded into the pedal arm.  This weld must be done by a competent welder!  The new design pin, having a flange added on the pin side of the pedal, allows the new pin to be welded from both sides of the pedal arm, which makes it virtually indestructible, and stronger than the original Ford part.

The original pedal-mounted stop light switch is utilized, but it is best to change to a 70 Mustang power brake stop light switch so the lighter pedal pressure will still trip the switch under light braking. Pedal height is slightly lowered, like a factory power brake car would have. (Remember, it takes less travel to actuate the power brakes due to the revised pedal ratio, and the lower pedal makes for a more comfortable driving position). Two metal brake lines must be fabricated to reach from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve or to tie into the existing lines.

(This conversion fits 1965-66 Mustangs with automatic transmissions. These kits will fit standard if you have cable or hydraulic clutch only)


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