Automatic Transmission Bolt-In-Kit Pedal Support with Booster for 65-66 Mustang


Automatic Transmission Bolt-In-Kit for a 65-66 Mustang:
Includes new custom pedal with revised ratio, custom hanger assembly
Includes sealed pivot shaft bearings and plans with a rebuilt booster.
Typically in stock ready to ship.
1 Year Warranty on Booster

Features found ONLY on the MustangSteve POWER BRAKE CONVERSION
Revised Pedal Ratio – Less pedal travel required & modern car “feel”, (~ 2″ travel w/ ft. disc, ~ 1″ w/ 4 wheel discs)
2. Additional Firewall Bracing – Welds to pedal support, eliminates firewall fatigue cracking around the booster mount area.
3. 9″ Diameter Booster – Fox Mustang booster won’t fade out under repeated stops like other conversions using off-brand or imported booster. Plus, you can always get replacement parts in the future.
4. Factory Fit and Appearance – Fits better than the original 65-66 booster and works better, too.
5. Dual piston master cylinders fit with no clearance problems! – Original 65-66 boosters won’t clear, but this kit will!

Click HERE for a look at the instructions

I buy used pedals and pedal supports from 65-70 Mustangs and Cougars.
Email us at if you have extras you wish to sell. 

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This kit is perfect for those with automatics that are considering a future manual trans swap.  It has the sealed bearing shaft and adjustable clutch pedal stop provisions.  Just add my CK165-P cable kit later and you have everything!  (Makes it same as CK165-M)

(This conversion fits 1965-66 Mustangs with automatic transmissions. These kits will fit standard if you have cable or hydraulic clutch only)


Using this kit with a Toploader or T10 Transmission:

The quadrant kit is designed to be used with a T-5 or Tremec conversion and a cable clutch.  If you want to use the cable clutch
with an original Mustang standard transmission,  you will have to do a little fabrication.

In order to make the cable clutch work with the original type bellhousing, you must install a cable type release arm and a new
pivot bolt (fulcrum) in the bellhousing.  You will need a Mr. Gasket replacement fulcrum bolt and a Ford release arm from a 87-93
5.0 Mustang originally equipped with a T5.  You will need to have an aluminum plate welded into the bellhousing and then thread a
1/2″ hole in the plate for the new fulcrum bolt.  You will also need to fabricate a cable housing stop to go outside the bellhousing.
For more info on how to convert a scattershield or bellhousing from old style linkage Click Here, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in


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