We Sell Classic Mustang Brake Parts! Power Brake Conversions, Disc Brake Retrofit Kits and Conversion Brackets, Clutch Cables Kits, Pedal Assemblies, Ball Bearing Clutch Pedal Shaft Conversion, Tie Rod Adapters, Door Hinge Rebuild Kits Plus Much More!!

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Our philosophy on Classic Mustangs is that they can and should be improved for enhanced performance, driving enjoyment and safety!

Our products utilize Ford components whenever practical for any part that could ever wear out, making it possible to find future replacements that will readily bolt in without modification.

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Check out this entire site, as we are constantly adding new stuff, especially inexpensive retrofit kits that can be added to your Mustang to make it drive more like a modern car.

"We refuse to sacrifice functionality for ease of installation.  With our parts, you might complain the day you install them because it was a bit of work, but you will enjoy the superior performance from now on. With a lot of the aftermarket stuff designed to “bolt on”, you will enjoy one day of easy installation but then complain about the lack of performance from now on".       MustangSteve